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This Speaks for the Woman who is not afraid to Change

Dear Beautiful Woman,

You dashed in my thought that you are living your life less complicated than mine. Closest to how one expects a touch to be, you have no fear to let go – to let go of the unnecessary.

Darling, you could be a little classy with simplicity.


I don’t mean you to be purely empty for nothingness’ sake, but for you to leave behind spare cases because you can be MORE with LESS. It’s never because you have more but because you are more.

The elegance of your dress is way too much, you cannot be touched. But with the compassion of your heart, you are immensely loved.

Honey, you were taught to endeavor more, to be extremely successful and sophisticated, and to build further but you were never told to see the little as plenty despite wanting more.

Being amazingly marvelous does not want you to grab too much but to live with what’s enough, saying no to the excess but seeing contentment as a success.

Throw your thoughts of collecting things; toss your hearts of clearing matters that do not really matter so you’ll have time with what does. Give your heart a space of serenity with what’s meaningful, living a life of tangible liberty.

By far, I learned to be pleased as punch out from emptiness, charmingly this stage, cultured the art of minimalism. Minimalists are in pursuit of happiness but not through things, it’s through life itself.

By a dint of embracing simplicity, it does never mean to stop succeeding but to start living. Simplicity is by thrilling becomes a dignity. Living the moment and being content, letting time to be regained, not being wasted, slowing down and discovering your passions, your zeal, your love for every Tom, Ana, Harry and not Prada.

Minimalism can be seen in many million ways. It’s like indulging your life in many million meaningful reasons but never your ecstasies be rooted from worldly things. One which highlights are these: 1) love people, use things 2) Stop taking, start giving 3) Come to close collecting, start building 4) End argument, nurture in wisdom 5) Having right perspectives amidst difficult positions 6) On and on it goes…

But the best part is this: taking off your focus with what you own but fixing your eyes of WHO owns.


In 1 Timothy 6:6-8 it says, “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”