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If True Love Waits, So be it

If you hear their story, you will hear love but not just any kind of love. It’s not fairly charmed by fluttering hearts and flirty smiles. If you hear their story, it’s not flanked by mere butterflies and red petals of roses. It’s a story about waiting – the toughest spell of waiting yet the sweetest touch is at its ending.


I was at the church corner last year hearing all the lengthy ride of waiting from a woman long before she met her fiancé. As a single woman she was, feeling aged on her 30’s had her tormented by a spell of aloneness, emptiness and a wedge of hopelessness. Had I mislaid nothing during that testimony, it was the understanding in any tendency that mistaken loneliness may lead you to look for love and belongingness to the wrong places. Then, the danger of it might end you to get your sought after affection from a wrong person. It does happen.

While she was sharing, I can’t take off my mind placing myself in hers. I was 24 but back then was the start of a fiery reflection towards my singlehood. To be honest, unease started to creep in my nerves last year when almost all my friends started a family on their own and I was like “ok, what about me?” Societal pressure, that was. I’ve since knew that singleness is a gift from God that rather, in the midst of a difficult period of time, must be treasured. But because of the cruel existence of pressure and false expectations from society, you sometimes tend to forget who you are in Christ as a single man and as a single woman.

As a matter of fact, I am fully enthroned by their story. If you hear theirs, you will hear a stroke of brilliance. I wonder how God finally brings the right man into her life to love and be loved by. There are lots of men and one of them she could have ended up with, perhaps she could have settled with no one yet. I wonder how God removed him from his comfort place which brought him chance to pursue her. But God is right. God had this planned all along.

So, in their story, what was and is to be revealed is for God’s glory. They are God’s incredible reminder that there is pure joy in waiting. She waited. He waited. Not as long as and longer than maybe for some of us, but they waited still, and they are now sharing this journey with us as they witness that God’s time is always right.

“The LORD is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.” Lamentations 3:25