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The Mountain Gales of Words – When Dream Becomes a Thought

LIFE. Beautiful. Meaningful. My life is simple, meant only for two – mountains and words.

A foothill hedged by the daily rising and downing of the sun below its horizon makes it soothing to my soul. The cold breeze sweeps peace enough to let life’s realizations cross the threshold. That same peace which yields a crazy desire in my heart to hold my pen on mountaintops and craft words of amazement.


I was raised in one of the most isolated communities in Mountain Province, Luzon. It is a whereabouts of little in common with other places having a minimal contact with diverse people. Almost like a portrayal of farmers farming farms, hunters hunting beasts, and a life full of life.

So, my childhood memoir is a chronicle of mountaineering miles to reach school. I still had no sign to live a meaningful life back then, let alone climbing difficult cliffs and stepping tacky mud to reach my dream. When I was in grade school, I have that firm thought of becoming wealthy when I grow up to get me out from that lonely planet.

Having made a fixed thought to depart from the back of beyond the crag, I was given a scholarship to Manila for an academic degree. That was something I’ve been longing my entire young years to save me out the wilderness. From a very humble life to a complex one, it certainly blew my skull. I needed to fine-tune my existing from a shy province girl to a freethinking and street-smart being. It changed my whole perception both to the best and worst. I got overwhelmed and despised the city life much more that I loved it for giving me a positive result of always longing the lonely mountain.

At present, I am working in a foreign country which makes me realize most how different it is for me to always look back the mountains. Don’t get me wrong. There is never a bad thing living in an expensive city. It’s just that, there has a beautiful revelation to me. Above and beyond that unbounded longing, I found the silence of an empty trail equal to that joy and confidence that I have bested the possibilities and never the limits to experience His presence wherever I go.

This zealous love of the mountains that comes from within will always be a hunger for what is beyond reached. Of one’s own melody from climbing and living from the alluring heights of the foothills, there is no comparable amount of pleasure to experience Him.

When dream becomes a thought, I may say, to spend the remaining part of my life in the mountains and write a book of God’s far-fetched love.

Psalm 121:1-2

1 I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? 2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.


5 thoughts on “The Mountain Gales of Words – When Dream Becomes a Thought”

      1. Yeah i can relate, it’s when we’re out of our comfort zone that we grow.
        Parang tiga outer space ba?hehe..


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