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A Purpose Driven Vacation

Few years back, I was often asked where I was rooted from and I honestly had that unwillingness to answer the same question time and again. In light of all, it was not because of humiliation but because it always lead me to question my own in a marked degree. Truly when your life was scattered from one place to another, you inadvertently forget where your heart really belongs to. And that’s how I, beyond the shadow of a doubt should call my home.

On top of the heap let me share one of the renewed moments I just had run into during my recent annual leave. I flew back home in November 21, 2015 and I am of full glee to say that I have got not a sheer pleasure, rest or snug hugs from family but turned to be a purpose-filled one.

Soon after a short while in La Trinidad Benguet, we ought to go and visit my dad in Bontoc, Mountain Province. As we pass through Halsema Highway, my mom and I unbrokenly intoned pieces of dramatic and hilarious stories that carried a tear of precious laughter.

I hardly pressed and turned my eyes outside through the bus window and oh, how I missed that view. The gorgeous mountains, the cold breeze and the sunset mean everything but God’s perfect creations. And as the wind softly blew to my face, I turned to my mom and shared how I was being set free from the slavery of loneliness while I was away. I shared about Jesus.

That startling and magical moment, I saw an amazingly different stream of tears. She wept not of sorrow or guilt but healing water from a lost soul. From her tears she finally held the Lord’s mountain of strength and bounded by the sea of His love. Previously my mom had a religion but not an intimate relationship with a living God. Today, what I see is, she’s undoubtedly compared to a lost sheep but by grace that she’s been founded by her faithful Shepherd. Currently she’s actively attending church, praise Him!

So after a pleasurable trip from different places, I still hunger and thirst. Do you know what it means to travel without a straight motive? I tell you there’s always an indescribable yearning that you are missing. Thus I finally went elsewhere.

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