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The Messenger


He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. – Psalms 40:2

This happened midday of Thursday last week when one messenger came in our office to deliver one package from Pakistan under the name of my colleague, however it occurred that my office-mate was nowhere to be found so I was obliged to receive that box.

Upon him handling the acknowledgement paper, I politely asked where can I look for the receiver’s column since I cannot identify our company name listed on it. He firstly displayed an annoying are-you-blind look as he uttered ‘tsk’ that left within me a gosh-you-are-so-dumb feeling. Then he said in a very snooty voice, “See it. I already ticked it with a pen.”

In full tremor, I was frozen in bitterness and disrespect. My sugary smile turned into a melted cube of ice as coldness spilled over me. I knitted my eyebrows and gave him a what-is-your-problem look as I penned my name and signed. That point of furious seconds, above and beyond a monster-faced alike, my right hand started to quiver as I wished to punch him in the face. I over-reacted out of rage. I did.

As I handed back that document, he coughed and arrogantly asked, “Where is your name here?” I smirked, glared and distantly said, “See it. I already wrote it with a pen.”

He looked up with a topsy-turvy stare as he equally realized that my eye brow was actually raised on him while talking.

Out of that significant situation, I swiftly felt a different thing inside of me that I cannot shed light on especially when I saw his troubled face. Conscience, I guess. But I stagnantly persuaded myself that it is just a payback time and so he deserved whatever snobbery is backfiring. I settled of scores between us thinking that we should equally share the same pain in the neck.

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