Monthly Archives: August 2015

A Friendship Built at the Washroom

IMG_4858At all times, we use the ladies’ comfort room in our office block, which a custom apparent should be, but mine is different.

Our office is located at the 17th floor but I chose to take the stairs up to the 18th just to use a washroom. Though this floor is a bit shady, it really gives me chills and shudders as I imagine a nebulous image (ghost) swiftly acts right in front of me. There is no one in this building level, the offices are empty and mostly the washroom is clean so I preferred having a free space of comfort here. However, after several months, I was noticed by my office mate that gave her rise to doubt and an assumption for my, according to her, is weirdness.  I shrugged, shut my mouth and seemed not to care for the whole shebang.

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