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A Sail to Remember

Feature ImageOn the 3rd of July 2015 in Matsuyama anchorage, 24 miles off coast Namikata Japan when I took over a pirate watch from a colleague, thoughts and judgement all of a sudden were stretched out and enclosed my being.


It was a calm silent night and I was in full swing to love the stillness of the wind. I prepared fire and safety equipment, vents, winches and etc. Hours passed and my duty was nearly over thus I expected my Burmese reliever. Not anything is a common picture except a weakness overshadowing my body and my eyes were typically heavy.

P’re, standby!” a sudden call to my cabin. “Okeyy…!” I replied but I apparently need some time to rest. Man, this job calls for endurance, strength of character and more of a patient attitude. Though I barely open my eyes, I joined other crews in our designated station until we arrived in port safe and successful. Continue reading