Job Hunting, Struggles and its Realizations


What’s inculcated in our minds when we were little is to study very hard to get the world’s best job. Finally, when we seek for a job, it’s not actually the best that we get. REALITY.

I decided to leave my profession or better yet, stop working in the Philippines as soon as my Aunt called me to try a good fortune here. At the outset, I was one blessed duckling to have gotten this kind of chance to work overseas – unplanned.

At the moment when I strode my right foot boarding out from the plane, I desired to pull back when my face met the hottest flash of air. Coming here during Ramadan season feels like uninterruptedly seating half an inch facing a blast furnace. And in this time of the year who would be glad to do walk-ins and dropping CVs when you know heat is more than you cannot endure,  what comes to be is just a skin sun-burned. Besides, almost all companies were half asleep as it is a long month holiday for our Muslim brethren.

However than not, during my online application I noticed several annoying things that ended me raising my brows in no minute. Would it be unjust for me to say that I’m not in a place to question those employers’ preferences? Yet, I still ponder upon the thought that all of us are entitled to have our own opinions.

Here are but some horrifying truths:

Must be very pretty. Perchance how many of us have encountered this. In all conscience, this was the most powerful phrase that pulled me out, jumped from the bed to stand in front of the mirror for countless seconds. So what’s in our brains doesn’t matter anyway? What are we, a display?

Preferably with this kind of Nationality. So being a Filipina makes me not-that-so-fluky-unlike-the-others because my race is not engraved in their lists. Personally speaking though, being a Filipina whose looks and height’s the least possible part or not even a single jot for most Western/Arab girls. Thanks for giving me that bizarre sense of shyness.

Must be 5 ft. blah blah inches in height. Talk to my hand baby. (Kidding) ‘Coz I didn’t even reach 5 ft. for goodness sake! Well yes, I’m apologetic because I’m a woman of her shortest stature. What’s the point?  That I may not be able to reach their office’ cup boards? LOL

Those CVs with whole body pictures will be shortlisted – Oh come on. I’m sure it’s an office worker not an entertainer. So I might imagine a lowbrow but sexy can do better work than with the smart lass but with no big ass?

Those are some of the written actualities that belittled me not just a jiffy. If you were me, how could you fight back insecurity – as in huge insecurity?

However, with companies who have those kind of qualifications posted in their bulletin boards, there are also a number of industries who are very keen to credentials. For them, it’s not the looks or whoever you are, what matters is what you’ll share for a business growth.

I got a lot of interviews and it’s captivating to know that before you finally get hired, you have to endure hundred times of knock-backs. Yes, wearing confidence during my interviews was the unmatched make-up towards nervousness and timidity. It’s the best that I can do.

Then I was once blessed to have gotten a titanic opportunity in lined with my course, a dream job to be exact. But everything didn’t last. I took for granted. I worked hard but played harder. Well, that’s for me to hit the rock so I would learn a lesson.

I stepped in this expensive desert land full-packed of buoyancy and hope. Optimism that I may be able to help my family way back home.

Okay, I got hired, and I guess I belong here. No prejudice . No discernment.

Speaking to my earlier statement, nowhere else in this world that you can find a best and perfect job as what my cousin told me several times. Yes, it is true. There are flaws, inadequacies, failings and had better we consider some irritating bosses. But then again, it is vital to have a positive and Thank-You-Lord-Attitude despite all circumstances, be in best or for worst. As per what we’ve heard, the best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one. We may not get the best; at least we’re not crushed like the rest.

Until then chums. =)


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