Monthly Archives: May 2015


388264_589664167716108_2059831285_nAs the wind gently blew through your natural curly hair, I knew what’s behind and ahead of what you always think so we can keep going and survive. I have seen how you braved various hurdles in life so I have no words to perfectly define your endless sacrifices and a whole lot more.

Stuck between your smile and chuckles hide deceptions and lies that you didn’t want that last slice of a pie so I could eat more, telling me you’re not thirsty so I would drink further but I saw quite a lot of swallowing from you, and you said you never wanted a pair of new clothes so you would save more for mine but I saw how you stare out of that hanged dress when we passed by at the department store.

Beneath your brownish eyes spark a diamond-like gaze of a pensive Mother who grasps your children to have the brightest future you ever dreamed of. Your deepest thoughts are forever mine as I hark back the endless gossips and talks from our neighbors that you are submerged with debts, but look you were able to send us to school and we did it by the grace of God!

Mom, I am of full pride and fulfillment that you certainly let me outline life by your respected lessons and venerated experiences as an implication for me to learn from your mistakes and carry on your victories. That strength and forte of a superwoman you caused to be visible within you epitomized what’s inside of me – independence. Thank you Mama for that spirit of motherhood, having you is a priceless pleasure that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Today as the world push the boat out of Mother’s Day, it could have been more impeccable when we are together, dining out in a not-so-fancy bistro as we toast. Or it would be a lot more fun when I had this chance to get you bundles of roses as I hug and tell how beautiful you are. Or maybe more cool if I bring you at a spa, parlor or in a whirlpool bath that somehow will ease your stress. Otherwise I’m conjuring up that you’re sitting next to me rubbing your back as I whisper that I too need a rub back. Today what else can I do but to just call you ‘coz you’re miles away from me.

I love you more than the whole enchilada and I promise to give you the picture-perfect affection and care more than what you be worthy of! Happy Mother’s Day Mama! ❤