The Sweetest Escape

In spur of a moment, I was mightily silenced by a thought to escape these overwhelming struggles and the painful burns of fire. To escape life. The scorching summer has arrived as quickly as hurried as the thunderstorms drowned the inner peace in me. As the storm left cruelty so does the fiery sun endows […]

Dear Future Husband

I hope you know that I am not waiting for your perfection. I hope you know that you don’t need to be an offspring of the star, a son of the sun and a moon’s huntsman. I want you to know that I don’t need a big house, a car and fancy gifts. And I […]

Lies and Deceptions of my Mom

“Everyone lies, everyone hides things.” – Orihara Izaya You see those striking pictures of models smiling stunningly almost seem like everything is flawlessly perfect? It’s pretty sure that there’s a pint-sized uncertainty behind those smiles. By the same mark, stuck between my Mom’s chuckles and beams buried deceptions and lies that you’ll only realize when […]